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Note: This assignment is a continuation work of PRES1 assignment.

In your PRES1 assignment, you were asked to select and specify the issue that you and your team had to address.You and your team then prepared a proposal that outlined all required project management roles, as well as allrequired tasks and supporting documentation.

In this assignment, you must complete the following tasks while keeping in mind the results of PRES1 (the identifiedand confirmed problem, project management plan, and scope management, which included a work breakdownstructure (WBS) and requirements gathering.

1. System AnalysisComplete the appropriate system analysis procedures to collect and record the system requirements andconstruct the requisite UML models. Give proof for the following:

a. Functional Requirements

b. Non-Functional Requirements.

c. Functional Model (Use Case).

d. Behavioural Model (Sequence Diagram).

2. System DesignProvide:

a. A design strategy

b. Design models. You must include UML Class diagram and UML package diagram.

3. System Implementationa. Build and implement the software application prototype, with database connectivity whennecessary, that meets your analysis and design requirements using any platform and/orprogramming/scripting language that you have learned from your previous modules.

4. System Testinga. Perform System testing procedures, with proper plan and implementation.

5. System Evaluation

a. Evaluate the system in terms of user acceptance or system correctness.

b. Analyse and present the results of the system evaluation.

6. Create accurate project documentation. Make sure to include all aspect of your project planning frominitiation to conclusion. Include images of the developed user interfaces in use, with appropriate labels orcaptions

7. Minutes of Meetings:

a. Your team must hold at least one (1) formal meeting per week to go through the tasks and status ofthe project. The minutes of each of these meetings should be provided, and should contain thefollowing details:

i. Meeting No, Time Date, Venue

ii. Meeting agenda

iii. Attendance.

iv. Discussions and Recommendations.

v. Schedule of the next meeting.

b. Attach the minutes as an Appendix to your report.

8. Peer Evaluation- Peer evaluation is used as an additional document to support the PRAC1 assignment group work.This report’s objective is to assess the other team members’ engagement and participation in thegroup project.- You will be using the Peer Evaluation Form from the PRAC1 Group Project for this work. This will besupplied by the module coordinator and made accessible in Moodle.- Each team member is required to complete and submit this assessment form (individually).- The evaluation form needs to be submitted separately and uploaded using the Turnitin link createdjust for this form.