The assignment describes Development of Cultural and Personal Values. Besides, there is a description of The Urge to Flee the Theater. So, compare the themes explored in both District.

Development of Cultural and Personal Values – The Urge to Flee the Theater

Firstly, compare the themes explored in both District 9 and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” . Secondly, use specific examples from both works. Thirdly, discuss the parallels of the treatment of the “other” in our own society. Also, how do we make people the “other” in our own society?2. Wikus, the human, is given a less conventional name than the alien Christopher, a seemingly very common name. Why do you think the director chose this method of naming the main characters? Thinking back to when we dissected the name Arnold Friend in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” consider of Christopher’s name once again. (Hint: Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. Also, look at the name itself: Christopher = Christ + of). 

 Development of Cultural and Personal Values – The Urge to Flee the Theater

What types of allusions might be made to this name? (Hint #2: When looking at possible allusions to his name, what does Christopher do and promise to do at the end of the film?)3.  In the film, the MNU states that “the responsibility for co-existing starts at home. Staying inside your designated residential region will help keep order intact. Territorial integrity helps individuals feel safe, secure, and empowered.” What degree of authority/control/influence, do you feel, should governments have over a population? 4. After viewing the first selection of District 9 and reading Emily Asher-Perrin’s article “The Urge to Flee the Theater: What District 9 Taught the World” consider the concept of being an “other.” Using specific references from what you’ve seen in the film and evidence (in-text citations) from the article, discuss how the protagonist (Wickus) brings this concept to the forefront.

 Development of Cultural and Personal Values – The Urge to Flee the Theater

5. What is the importance of storytelling (in all forms) to the development of cultural and personal values? Does this science fiction story provide any insights and revelations about the world in which we live?

Read “The Urge to Flee the Theater: What District 9 Taught the World”

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