Developmental Psychology Research Paper Proposal Requirements: Submit your Research Paper Proposal: •

 Define a question or problem in that interests you relative to the subject matter in this course and that you are willing to investigate by reading related research. •

 Define the topic specifically to increase your chances of finding relevant literature. •

 Also, describe what experience(s) led you to choose the topic. 

 Submit your topic plus 2 paragraphs explaining your interest in the topic and why you believe it is worthy of further investigation as part of this course. 

 Review the Developmental Psychology Research Paper – Due in Week 7 for more details. 

 use at least 5 scholarly sources (written within the last four years); and 

 use APA formatting throughout. Developmental Psychology Research Paper – Due in Week 7 Present an overview and analysis of a current issue that impacts some area of human growth and development. Choose to focus on a current issue and how it impacts: 

 fetal development; 


• children; •

 adolescents; • younger adults; •

 middle-aged adults; or 

• a geriatric population. *Just choose one issue and one population to focus on.* The paper must include the following sections (You must use section headings): 1. The background to the issue. 

2. Who does this issue impact? 

3. What is the personal, familial, and societal impact regarding this issue?

 4. Why is this an area of concern at present time? 

5. What are the potential solutions for this issue?