Part 2: Discussion Questions

 How does it connect with other things you have learned?

Did anything from this module challenge your own beliefs?  

How did you cope with learning this new information?

If you were going to teach this module to other students, what would be the most important things you would want to point out?  Why?  


At the end of your critical reflection, you will pose five discussion questions. Please number each question.  The purpose of these questions is to foster discussion among your classmates that further clarifies and reinforces the ideas in the readings. 

Questions that ground the concepts and examples of the readings in your own lives and our society are highly encouraged. 

Discussion questions that can be answered with one or two words will receive no credit.



To earn full credit for the discussion question section of the post, you must meet the following criteria for each question:




Provides a clear discussion question that is based on the readings and/or videos.


The question promotes critical and analytical thinking about course material.


The question cannot be answered by a yes or no answer (or one or two words).


The question must not be a request for simple content regurgitation.


The question should be in the student’s own words and not plagiarized from other sources.


Context is provided for each question.


Each question clearly identifies the source(s) from which it is drawn