NX9524: Digital Business

Instructions on Assessment:

Infographic and self-reflective essay 

(Individual submission; Using the template provided)

1.Students are required to produce an infographic that applies a concept presented in the lectures or seminars to a real organisation. The infographic will be accompanied by a full reference list and should provide insights on the following 3 areas:

  • Opportunities and challenges that the chosen organisation faces when utilising digital channels (MLO1);
  • The roles that different business functions (e.g. marketing, finance, HR etc.) have played in the organisation’s attempt to deliver a successful digital operation (MLO2);
  • Issues surrounding customer privacy and security that the chosen organisation may face when engaging in digital business (MLO4).

2. Students are required to write a 500-words self-reflective essay and summary based upon their infographic which, using supporting evidence, will:

  • Identify and discuss the single biggest challenge their chosen organisation faces when doing business digitally;
  • Provide two recommendations for how the organisations can tackle this challenge moving forward.

Guidelines and further details on topic selection and the process of producing the infographic are accessible through the e-Learning Portal.

During the semester you will be supported through the assessment process via:

  • Seminar sessions: In week 4 there will be a seminar dedicated to cover the core concepts regarding what is an infographic, what is the systematic process of producing an infographic, what are some of the common tools used for producing infographics and how further resources can be obtained on tools and processes associated with producing infographics.
  • Lecture sessions: In addition to discussing existing key concepts and upcoming trends and issues related to digital business during the lecture sessions, part of the week 4 lecture will cover further guidance on topic selection.
  • E-Learning portal: Selected useful resources and guidance notes related to the assignment will be made available throughout the semester via the e-learning portal.
  • Seminar tutors: We have a discussion board open for students to utilise.


Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives

This assessment will contribute directly to the following Undergraduate programme goals and


Goal 1 – Knowledgeable about the theory and practice of responsible business and management in an international context

Students will be able to:

1.Acquire knowledge of contemporary professional practice in business and management informed by theory and research.

2.Apply knowledge of business and management to complex problems in professional practice in order to identify justifiable, sustainable and responsible solutions

3.Conduct innovative and/or entrepreneurial project work and research

4.Acquire an awareness of the cultural and ethical contexts in which international business operates

Goal 2– Skilful in the use of professional and managerial techniques and processes

Students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills that involve independence, understanding, justification and the ability to challenge the thinking of self and others

Goal 3 – Prepared for career and personal progression

Students will be able to:

1.Provide evidence of self-reflection as a means of informing personal development planning

2. Evidence skills and attitudes for progression to post-graduate contexts including professional work, entrepreneurship and higher-level study

Supporting Information

The topic of the Infographic

Eg: 1 Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Comfort Delgro

Eg: 2 Blockchain positive disruption to MediaCorp

NOTE: there should only be 1 title. (the above are showing you two titles as examples. Your actual submission should only have 1 title)

(you should only have 1 title – ie: only statement as illustrated below, no more than 1)

Eg 1: IoT and its impact on operational efficiency for Company B (the name of the local company)

Eg 2: Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Company A’s Marketing

Eg 3: Blockchain and its impact on company A’s logistic / operation

Eg 4: Big data and its impact on customer experience and operation management performance.

What other tech applications that you could have also done for this assignment and company but you didn’t do it.

Eg: IoT application for Comfort Delgro

Eg: the Study of big data on traffic management for Comfort Delgro

Eg: AI possibilities for Media Corp on Robo-publishing

If you have chosen “Deep learning and impact on marketing effectiveness for Company B”, then what are the other technology that might be considered as relevant topics for this company as well?

Eg: Artificial Intelligence; Big Data; Self Service Economy (just name 2 to 3 other relevant topics which might also be a technology that can improve the company’s biz