disaster recovery Testing and Maintenance

Respond to the following scenario using a fictious company named “Texas Scaffolding Experts (TSE)” that will provide scaffolding builds and services to construction companies as a referance point.

Testing of the disaster recovery business continuity (DR/BC) plan was started but did not go well. As part of the test, systems that were taken off-line were not properly restored. Databases were corrupted. Internet and external communications have been lost.

Compose a section in your DR/BC document that addresses the following:
What could have been done to avoid this failure situation
What to do during the event, including who to contact and when
What to do after the event and systems have been restored
Compose a section on what must be done to maintain this DR/BC Plan in a satisfactory state of readiness.
Describe how a DR/BC audit might be conducted, by whom, for what purpose, and how frequently.