This assignment focuses on Discipline-Aware Genre Translation. There is also a description of multimodal communication genres (like podcasts and infographics) can facilitate advocacy in your field.

Discipline-Aware Genre Translation-multimodal communication genres

Discipline-Aware Genre Translation (20% total)

Purpose: This project ask you to explore how multimodal communication genres (like podcasts and infographics) can facilitate advocacy in your field. For many decades, academics have been accused and guilty of keeping their expertise trapped in an ivory tower of specialist journals and classrooms accessible only to tuition-paying students. Today, however, scholars in many fields are turning to more public genres of scholarship to share their research and advocate for their topics with those outside of academia.

Discipline-Aware Genre Translation-multimodal communication genres

For this project, we will begin by reflecting on our own disciplines/fields of study by looking at examples of public scholarship that demonstrate advocacy. You might, for example, discover that a group of computer science scholars have recently been publishing scholarly journal articles highlighting a social justice lens.  As they explore the interactions between algorithm creation and marginalized populations. You might feel that this is important and should be shared with other, non-academic audiences in a format that is more accessible than a scholarly article.  (such as a podcast episode). Through this project, you will learn how to translate your chosen scholarly article into another public communication genre.  That  also, takes advantage of both written and visual, auditory, or other modes.

Discipline-Aware Genre Translation-multimodal communication genres

Instructions:  1. After selecting a topic in your field you’d like to advocate for, you  must find a scholarly peerreviewed article on that topic.  2.  Also, You will then research one of the genre options for this project. Also, a list of genre options will be provided.  A. Each student must locate three examples of their genre and annotate them to highlight features unique to that genre.  B. Then, each student must compile a list of best-practices and and create how-to instructions for using their genre successfully.

Detailed Instructions


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