Discuss communication in this situation from the views of the IV therapist and the Chief Resident.


A problem-based learning scenario is also called a PBL. A PBL has been around for quite a while. It’s a type of instructional strategy that presents an issue or a problem for a real-life situation and the learner is supposed to evaluate it or try to process that problem to develop problem-solving and analytical skills. You will be presented a PBL as an assignment for 4 weeks of this nursing management course.

This week’s scenario involves communication. You can read through the scenario. It’s about an IV therapist at a medical center and a chief resident and it is about the communication between them both:
› An IV therapist at the Awesome Medical Center is asked to draw blood on a comatose patient. She knocks as she enters the room, introduces herself, informs the patient why she is there, verifies that she has the right patient, then describes what she’s doing as she places the tourniquet on his arm and swabs. Just as she states, “I am about to put the needle in your vein. You will feel a sticking sensation,” the Chief Resident enters the room with his coterie of junior residents, medical students and nurses.

› The Chief Resident points out in a condescending tone that the patient is in a coma and there is no need to speak to him. The IV therapist replies that hearing is the last sense to go–even for people in a coma. The Chief Resident laughs and says, “You’d better be able to speak Russian, because that’s what he is.”
› The IV therapist thanks the resident and then speaks to the patient in Russian. The crowd bursts into laughter and the crimson-faced Chief Resident storms out of the room.
In this scenario, you will need to answer 3 questions:

1) Discuss communication in this situation from the views of the IV therapist and the Chief Resident. Do you feel it was effective or ineffective? Explain your answer.

2) How could communication be improved in this scenario?

3) Discuss what actions a nurse manager should take in this situation.

Whenever you are writing up the answers to your questions, you do not need to reference anything. There is a grading rubric and it’s called the Problem Based Learning Grading Rubric and there are five areas that you will be evaluated on. The first is the content: the content for question

 1, the content for question

 2, and the content for question 

3. The fourth area is mechanics; is this free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors? And the final area of grading on the rubric is APA format, so you need to be free of errors in APA format. If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please feel free to email the instructor. Thank you.