Discuss how from a Social Informatics context, you would consider both the social aspect, not just the technology or ICT aspect in your proposed solutions or recommendations in terms of the following elements:
Individual Networks
Society Networks
Technology infrastructures (Hardware & Software etc)
Information structures (Data flow & Access)
For example, you would consider the aspect of Information Structure in terms of data capture, flow, interchange, access, and formats and types of information dissemination. The main idea is to recognize and consider how for example the data created and interchanged in your ICT or technology solution would have certain impacts on losers and winners depending how much considerations were included in the design as far data security, data/information representation, and access in general such as making sure dual authentication is part of the design to avoid unauthorized access or ease of hacking the system etc…

Your final paper needs to be in the same electronic format as earlier submissions and should be a minimum of 5 pages (5 to 10 pages). Common sections of your research paper must include an abstract, introduction, conclusion and references.