1. Discuss how the UK Corporate Governance Code promotes best practice in corporate governance.

Objectives of assignment    The main objectives of this assignment are to:

•    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts that are important to a degree / career in accounting and finance

•    Communicate technical ideas in an understandable way

Applicable learning outcomes    Numbers align to learning outcomes listed in the module description:

1) State, outline and discuss the basic contexts and frameworks of accounting including matters related to corporate governance, ethics, and regulation

5) State and discuss the concepts, methods and practices used in accounting, commenting on the implications for the business, making reasoned recommendations and taking into account ethical considerations, where appropriate

Specific instructions    Where external documents are referred to you must include citations and a bibliography using Harvard referencing. You must also include citations for lecture recordings / lecture slides. Direct quotations must be shown in quotation marks and fully acknowledged, regardless of their source.

Suggested reading list    You should use the AF1401 Financial Accounting learning material on Moodle as a starting point, but good essays will show evidence of wider reading.

You should use original source documents (e.g. UK Corporate Governance Code) where possible.

Please avoid using blogs and Wikipedia. These are unreliable sources and not appropriate for an academic essay.

Detailed guidance    You are encouraged to use sub-headings, tables, and bullet point lists where these add to the clarity and logical structure of your work. However, you must otherwise use full sentences and paragraphs.