Pick 5-7 virtues/characteristics that are most important to you. Refer to the readings for ideas if needed.
Go to a virtual word mosaic generator and create your design

. There are various online resources available, and you may use whichever you prefer. Some suggested sites are:
Wordart.com (Links to an external site.)

Word cloud (Links to an external site.)
Play around with the options around the mosaic to alter the design theme, background color, and font color, until you are happy with how your mosaic looks.

Share your mosaic by uploading a photo of the design to a new posting.

Beneath your photo, explain why you chose the virtues that you have.

Discuss how you believe this course and an understanding of virtues will impact your professional career as a nurse.

 Are there specific upcoming topics you are more interested in than others, if so, why?

 Pick one of your virtues and explain why you chose this one.