As you grow and develop in your career and profession, you gain knowledge, skills, and experience.  Certain professional beliefs, views, and values become more clearly defined.  Additionally, new perspectives regarding your membership in the profession of nursing emerge.  Through this process, nursing professionals develop their career philosophies.  

You are to write your personal philosophy of nursing.  

Build your own personal nursing statement philosophy.

Discuss problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning.

Discuss transformational leadership style and if different leadership styles are needed in different situations.

Remember that your philosophy should be in line with your career and professional development plan.  Use one peer reviewed reference for this 1 page paper.


All 4 criteria met – 1 Introduces the theme of the paper by capturing the reader’s attention. 2. All key points are addressed in the introduction 3. Summarizes the theme of the paper by showing depth of understanding 4. All key points for conclusion are summarized.


All 4 criteria met 1. All assigned points are addressed 2. Ideas are developed and flow in an organized sequence 3. Appropriate content is covered in depth without being redundant. 4. Current peer-reviewed research and/or course/lesson resources are incorporated appropriately.


1.Demonstrates understanding of ideas in your own words 2. Engage the reader with original ideas 3. No Plagiarism 4. Ideas are unique and innovative.


1. APA style used properly for citations and quotations throughout paper 2. APA style used properly for cover page and references 3. All references are cited, and all citations have references. 4. No grammatical (verb tense), writing (sentence structure), or spelling errors