Discuss specifically how this project meets the definition of a project used in this course

Given that you are presently/have been recently employed/involved in some manufacturing or service project/company/organization. You do not have to have been the Project Manager, but could have played some role in the project/company/organization. REQUIRED: Answer the following questions in the context of the project/company/organization: Q1. Clearly outline the objective(s) of the project. Q2. Discuss specifically how this project meets the definition of a project used in this course. Q3. Clearly identify the project constraints. Q4. What were the functions of the Project Manager? Q5. What risks were present in the project and how were the risks dealt with?

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One of the objectives of a project is to grow and succeed. A project in a company can be defined as a set of activities that need to be conducted and achieved through research, carefully orchestrated plan and work towards succeeding. One of the common challenges that face management includes strategic planning and maintaining the vision(Westland, 2007). Therefore, the project manager has the role of ensuring that the company does not deviate from the vision and the goals of the project. That can be done through proper organization of the project and various activities. The project manager should also ensure that all alternatives are evaluated and prioritized according to the available resources and timeframe. One significant risk includes the failure to achieve the goals of the project due to ill-planned strategies…

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