Part A (40%) Combined assessment and care plan

In the context of the case study provided, in 1000 words, please complete a combined assessment and care plan for your chosen case study using the template provided. Using your assessment skills gathered throughout the module please note down multiple problems/issues that you can identify from the case study information including any unmet needs or healthcare inequalities. For those identified, consider potential interventions that could be used to support the meeting of these needs whilst considering the goal/outcome wishes of your patient within the case study. Finally, consider the method and frequency of evaluation of the needs and interventions that would be needed.

A cover sheet and template are provided below for you to use. You may complete the template document using bullet points.

You can include in-text citations and a small reference list if you wish.




Assessment cover sheet and template (Part A)


Module title: Foundations for Field of Practice

Assessment title: Care Plan (Part A)



Problem / Identification of unmet needs Goal / outcomes

(short & long term) Evidence-based interventions Evaluation

(method & frequency)




Part B (60%) Written rationale essay

In the context of the case study provided, in 2000 words, please provide a discussion and evidence-based rationale to support your assessment and care plan.



Cover Sheet

Please use the cover sheet shown on the final page of this document as the first page of the assessment – this has key information that the marker will need to know.  

Introduction (approximately 150 words)

Inform the reader of the aims and prepare them for the content of the assignment.  

Introduce the chosen patient.  Keep this brief and try to avoid repeating everything that is in the profile. Try to imagine they are a real person and only focus on the issues relevant to the assignment.

It may be useful to briefly note the importance of assessment and care planning and link this to the NMC code (NMC,2018).

Section 1 – assessment (approximately 425 words)

Briefly consider the person as a whole and discuss the contributing factors on their overall health – how has this impacted on the assessment?

Consider the wider concepts of health and wellbeing that may influence the health of your patient.  

Provide supporting evidence to justify these influences.  

Consider these specific elements relevant to your field of practice: Identify and discuss problems and goals that relate to health promotion principles (promotion, prevention and protection).


From the problems/unmet needs identified in Part A (the combined assessment and care plan) choose one. Justify this choice using the information from the case study/care plan in conjunction with wider reading.

Discuss the identified specific problem on which you have based your care plan in Part A Section 2.  

Provide an evidence-informed rationale for your chosen focus.


Section 2 – goal of the intervention(s) (approximately 425 words)

Discuss the chosen goal of the intervention in this section.

Using the information from the care plan justify the choice of goal/outcome selection. You may want to consider both short and long term goals.

Consider aspects of person-centred care, what might be important to and important for individuals and the wider influences on this.

It may be useful to link to nursing theory as part of your justification in this section.




⁵Section 3 – evidence-based interventions (approximately 425 words)

Discuss the evidence-based nursing interventions that will help to resolve the chosen problem or unmet need.

Consider prioritising the identified interventions.  

Consider any wider influences that may impact on the chosen interventions.

You may wish to refer to elements of nursing theory and best practice guidelines (e.g. NICE guidelines) to justify your decision making.




Section 4 – evaluation process (approximately 425 words)

Discuss the evaluation process in terms of methods and frequencies. How would the intervention be evaluated?

You may wish to refer to elements of nursing theory in this section too to justify the importance and process of evaluation.

Consider how your evaluation will be achieved and what the outcome of it may be.



Consider these specific elements if relevant to your chosen field of practice: Consider any additional factors related to your chosen patient that may influence the outcome/goal.  



Conclusion (approximately 150 words)

This is a summary of the main points of your assignment.  Avoid bringing in any new material.  Make sure you include the patient in this final section – refer back to your intended outcome/goal.