First Part : Discuss the importance of leadership in the implementation of the electronic health record from the perspective of meeting the end user’s ( doctors, managers, organizations like clinics or hospitals, health insurers, governmental health agencies, and universities) functional needs from that system.

– Mention three importance at least with explanation and examples for each.

– the following are just examples of the importance of having leadership to implement electronic health records lies in the leader’s ability to:

  • Increase quality and enhance patient safety through health information technology
  • Focus on strategies and tactics to bring about change
  • Engage with expert faculty and industry executives, gain practical skills, and learn best practices
  • The ability to develop a strategic health IT vision for an organization, and to proactively address the challenges posed by the changing healthcare landscape.

second part: How does this(part one) help a healthcare organization in KSA meet their business and clinical intelligence needs?


  • Use headlines including introduction and conclusion
  • Use the phrase (this discussion will explain, show or clarify the importance of leadership in the implementation of the electronic health record and … )
  • In-text citation should be included from at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed updated (from 2017) journal articles .
  • follow the Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines included in the attached file (no.1 APA)

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