1) Issues / Suggestions and Lessons Learned Document


*** Discuss the importance of maintaining a Lessons Learned Document throughout the project life cycle (from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing).


*** What is continuous improvement, and how does the Lessons Learned Document contribute to continuous improvement.


*** A Lessons Learned Document should contain elements that are not specific to this project alone. It should contain some lessons that answer the question: What did I learn that I will do differently on the next project? Please provide one lesson that you learned that answers that question.


2) Final Recommendations and Goals


Our programs are designed with the hope that you will attain the following objectives in three to five years after graduation.


Successfully employed in an engineering technology or related field, or be accepted into a graduate program


Effective in technical problem identification and analysis, problem solving, or system design in a variety of technical roles


Effective as a professional through communication skills, project management skills, ethical conduct, social awareness, and teamwork


Technically current through continued education and professional development


*** Discuss whether or how these objectives align with your career goals in three to five years from now/graduation? If not, what do you think could be added or changed to these objectives to better reflect what you hope to attain in the next three to five years?