Discuss the links and differences between management and leadership

       This assignment focusses on the topic of leadership practice (week 9 lecture) while examining three main issues as is seen below.

Using a contemporary organisation of your choice:

a)    Discuss the links and differences between management and leadership (approx. 500 words)b)Discuss two leadership principles that support organisational values.(approx. 500 words)c)Discuss two leadership styles that help achieve organisational objectives.(approx. 500 words)


More about this assignment: 

       Management and leadership are different terms that are essential in understanding organizational processes. The discussion expects identification of differences between leadership and management as well as the similarities. The differences and similarities will assist in determining the leadership principles supporting the organizational values. In addition, the task should come up with leadership styles and their respective influence in the achievement of the organizational objectives. It is essential to consider that the topic of leadership is exploited from a perspective that helps linking how a leadership style influences the ability of the organization to achieve an organizational objective. 

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