Your paper should include the following:  


.Introduction to the Organization.  


History of the Company & Current Status.  


When was the organization founded?  


Who are its top executives?  


Discuss the organization’s Business Model.  


What is the impact of globalization on this organization?  


Other information.  




.Analysis of the Organization (Mission, Vision, Goals, Core Values, Core Competencies).  


What is the mission of the organization? Has the mission changed over time?  


What is the vision of the organization? Has the vision changed over time?  


What are the organizations core values?  


What are the organization’s core competencies? How are they unique? How secure they are?  


What are the organization’s broad and specific goals?  


.Analysis of the Organization – Corporate Level and Business Strategies.  


What are the current corporate-level strategies? Business level strategies?  


How are the strategies aligned with the goals?  


Compare this organization’s strategies with those of competitors.