No matter which field of the profession you are in, you know that your favorite application has had many different versions and each update has a different feel. You also know that your favorite app has long since been discarded for a newer, faster, application that, if truth be told, you need to learn but never found the time.


Each year, you find that you need to have professional development for your job. This keeps you updated on the new theories, ideas, and tools that will enable you to do the job. Building professional success, confidence, staying intellectually stimulated, and discovering new skills are just a few reasons for lifelong learning.


Discuss the profession that you are in and look for future outlooks for the profession. 

These might include professional certifications, new languages that you need to learn, cyber security updates, and apps that you need to know. It could be anything. Do some online research. Find a couple of articles that discuss what you might face in the next ten years.