For this project, you will create an App Development Proposal by demonstrating your knowledge of the following criteria.

  1. Articulate the goals of the project. Describe the application you have chosen, its major components, and what functionality will be necessary based on the scenario.
  2. Describe the users of the application and the assumptions being made regarding their needs and preferences. As you think about potential users, consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • How many different types of users can you identify?
    • What different goals might individual users have?
    • What will users need in order to achieve their goals in this app?
  3. Discuss the screens and features that will be necessary to produce a user-centered UI for the app. Be sure to include a high-level description of every necessary screen and feature that will be in your app. Also explain how a user might be expected to move from one screen to another. You may choose to support your ideas with a simple diagram or illustrations to better represent the different components. Throughout your discussion, remember to justify your decisions by referencing the Android Design and Quality Guidelines, linked in the Supporting Materials section.
  4. Discuss how the functional app requirements will be represented in the code and connected to the UI. You should explain the calls that show the flow of data between code and screens. When explaining what data calls you may need to make, you should list the major UI components on each screen, then determine what data each component will either display or accept as input and where the data might come from.