QUESTION 1 – MINIMUM 500 WORDS. USE– Clarkson, K., & Miller, R. (2021). Business law: Text and cases (15th ed.). Cengage.–AND OTHER REFERENCES.

You are a warehouse manager for Wow, What a Widget (WWW). Your boss calls you in the middle of the night about an incident that just occurred. She wants to know what WWW can expect as a result.

One of your employees, Carla Careless (CC), went out drinking with some friends Saturday night. She thought it would be fun to wrap up the evening by sneaking into the warehouse with her drinking buddies for some drunk forklift races. CC sneaks in her friends about 2 am. Let the games begin!

One of the races included driving pallets full of packages through an obstacle course in the warehouse. Unbeknownst to everyone, even CC, one of the pallets had packages that were mistakenly delivered to WWW. Those packages contained automatic weapons and explosives.

One of the driver’s wrecks with just such a package on a pallet, and mayhem ensues. The package explodes, causing a fire, and a lot of damage. CC calls the police and fire departments. She also freaks out, and she forbids anyone from leaving.

Discuss with your boss what legal and ethical issues WWW can expect to deal with such that these may be discussed with the corporate attorney.

QUESTION 2 – MINIMUM 500 WORDS. USE– Clarkson, K., & Miller, R. (2021). Business Law: Text and Cases (15th ed.). Cengage.–AND OTHER REFERENCES.

You are the Human Resources manager for Gregarious Garage (GG), a company that makes garage doors. The president of GG, Billy Boss (BB) emails you to tell you about an incident that happened over the weekend.

Holly Hopeful (HH) was working Sunday, trying to make some extra money. HH worked every day that week, and was tired, but she decided she would work, anyway. Due to her being tired, her hand slipped while she was cutting a door, and she sliced her hand on a blade.

Word gets out about HH’s injury. Monday morning, HH’s friend and coworker, Jack Jumpy (JJ), refuses to work on the machine. BB is irate at HH for getting hurt and costing GG money. BB is also angry at JJ for not working, because nobody else except HH and JJ can run that machine. BB sacks both the employees and he emails you to tell you they are terminated immediately.

You remember talking to HH and JJ when they asked for your help in contacting a local union for employee representation. BB does not say this, but you suspect BB is using the injury as a pretext to get rid of HH and JJ for trying to form a union.

Reply to BB about the legal issues you see in his handling of this incident.

QUESTION 3 – MINIMUM 500 WORDS. USE– Clarkson, K., & Miller, R. (2021). Business Law: Text and Cases (15th ed.). Cengage.–AND OTHER REFERENCES.

Below is an email you receive from the CEO of your company. Respond to her in an “email”.

We’ve got big trouble.

One of our drivers, Darla Driver, was delivering one of our shipments, and got in a wreck. She was on her way from St. Louis to Los Angeles with a big shipment. Apparently, she pulled over in Denver at a truck stop to rest, and she ran into some old friends. She had a few drinks, and then she decided to sleep it off.

The next day, she had a wreck in LA. Her truck had no damage. She hit another car, causing no injuries and minor damage to the other car. She said she had a good night’s sleep, and she felt fine. But, she blew a .05 blood alcohol content (BAC). She was arrested, and the police confiscated the truck. California has a law that allows the confiscation of out-of-state trucks that are involved in accidents.

What do we do? What kind of liability do we have? Can we get the truck back? Can we get her out of jail? Do we fire her or help her?

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