Discuss your perceptions of the exercise in correlation to the course discussion on The “Many Faces” of Incarceration/Reentry” and the overall course title “How to Break Out of Prison”. This reflection can, incorporate your thoughts and feelings, course readings, and two journal articles you found that analyzes how men/women in transition from prison navigate life without financial means or viable resources.  Personal examples are great to highlight your reflections! There is no right or wrong way to reflect on this experience.

Find two current peer-reviewed journal articles that discusses the economic problems men and women face when they leave jail/prison.  Current journals should be based in the U.S. and between the years 2011 and 2021.  Incorporate the readings in your CRJ assessment of the assignment.                                            Personalize your entries

Personalize your writings to make your presence known

Write each entry demonstrating your understanding with relevant literature

Show your creativity by introducing something new about what you learned and the specific service day or field work activity/event

Incorporate the course readings to your personal account .Develop a consistent structure

Have an introduction, body, and conclusion

Narrate and explain the main idea of the activity, the readings, and your reflections

Demonstrate your understanding of the course readings as you may use quotes from the readings or paraphrase an author’s point to make a particular point clearer, but use them only when relevant and necessary.  Cite them properly, APA format

Demonstrate your own ideas, arguments, opinions in relation to the readings and reflections

Summarize your points

Apply your critical thinking ability

What assumptions are the readings bringing to your writings

What facts/assumptions do the activities bring to your writings

Does your personal account agree with your readings, are there alternative explanations

Write in first person: “I” (i.e., I agree with the author in this reading, I realized that serving in this capacity…I felt good when I served…I felt bad when…)

Give references to support

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