Steps # 1: You are responding two questions using the texts and video attached, citations from the texts and video attached are extremely important. (Insert, in parentheses, the author and page number you’re referencing) in Steps # 2 you are going to Reflect and explain you understanding from the two questions.  


Steps # 1

Question 1

Discuss your understanding of assessment. Include topics such as the need for assessment to be developmentally responsive, to identify student strengths, and to enhance student growth.


Question 2

Discuss traditional and authentic assessment by describing each and giving examples of each.  What are the pros and cons for using each type of assessment?

Steps # 2

Question 1.  Reflect in your understanding of assessment from a different perfective (disagreement and agree your understanding of assessment) using the texts.

Question 1

•    Disagreement

•    Agree

Question 2.  Explain your understanding of traditional and authentic assessment (commenting on your respond in Question 2 take to point of view different ) using the texts