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This assessment exposes you to the concept of a Discussion Paper – an important consultation tool used in tourism planning and policy development. Assuming the position of an independent tourism planning expert, you are required to source, critique and compare two publically available discussion papers on topics of your choice. The policy cycle provides the framework for your critical evaluation of each individual paper and the comparison between them. Your assessment piece will conclude with a reflective section on lessons you learnt through doing this critique and how it might assist you in writing your own Discussion Paper


Possible Solution

Rural Tourism:A Discussion Paper To Guide The Eurobodalla Shire Council Rural

Strategy by Garret Barry Planning Services Pty Ltd


September 2015

The main objective of this paper is to provide a data based foundation the rural tourism section of the Eurobodalla Shire Council Rural Strategy. The document is a combination of information from rural tourism studies that has been made available in the past to the present and published in the Rural Land Strategy feeder documents, namely Rural Lands Issues Paper, Rural Lands Opportunities and Constraints Paper and the Policy Directions Paper. The paper also carries additional inquiry into current tourism, its structure and role. The [progress of rural tourism is discussed by evaluation of options and strategies

Rural tourism studies are an important decision-making tool for players in the tourism sector and play a significant role in influencing policymaking. Rural tourism studies need to follow the conventional tourism research methodology. However, it is important to note that cross-cultural research is a complicated activity. In the course of research in cross-cultural studies, many operational challenges have to be dealt with. For instance, researchers have to gain trust and rapport with participants in the studies, gain access to the populations of interest, handle logistical challenges and create and execute research designs that are intensive yet at the same time relevant and acceptable to the culture. It is arguable that indeed the tendency towards more demanding methodological tactics is a positive step for the tourism industry with the rising number of published rural tourism studies giving this vital this research field in services management a positive outlook.

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