Students will watch the documentary film Living Undocumented (Episodes 1 and 2) and write a paper to demonstrate critical thinking, self-awareness, and knowledge of course concepts. The film can be rented to stream online through various providers (e.g. Amazon). Students will 1) provide a brief summary of the film and its main points; 2) describes your position and personal reflections about the film; and 3) incorporate relevant readings from the texts and other scholarly resources to support your position. This paper should include a discussion of a biblical worldview and social work values concerning the treatment undocumented indivduals. Use the headings provided in the rubric and present organized sentences and paragraphs. Ensure all sentences are well constructed and have varied structure and length. No errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling. APA style formatting (3-4 Pages).  Also, please be sure to cite your sources clearly and frequently.  


Provide a brief summary of the film, it’s main points, and positions about the population highlighted in the film.

Heading 2: Describe your position and personal reflections about the film.


Heading 3: Consider discussing what you

agree or disagree with; is there any support for your points of view in scholarly literature? 


Heading 4: What best practices would you adopt when serving this population?