The details of the grading rubric are provided on Canvas in the Diversity and Stress folder. To earn full credit for writing quality, be sure to use complete sentences and use your own words (in other words, do not include any content from another source or use direct quotations unless citing a specific definition). Please note there will be a 10% deduction for each day late. In terms of formatting your essay, please use each question as a header to structure your responses (note that a template containing these questions has been provided for you in the Canvas folder). To start, you will provide a framework for diversity and stress, and describe potential family, social, cultural, or historical influences (question #1). Question #1. Your Background and Experiences with Diversity and Stress: What does diversity mean to you, and which facets of diversity have caused stress in your life? [Feel free to address issues in your personal lives, society, media, politics, family dynamics, etc.].

 How were people of different cultures, orientations, or backgrounds viewed/treated by your family? 

In what ways have you followed or differed from these examples? 

What are the social or societal influences on your perspective

? Be sure to provide specific definitions and relevant information from the course materials and additional literature searches in framing your views