DNA and criminal investigation

Please choose a specific DNA topic

Students will be required to submit a final research paper addressing a DNA related topic of his or her choice. This assignment will allow the student to further explore an area of interest based on the information discussed over the past several weeks.

All papers must be prepared in accordance with APA formatting guidelines and must be submitted in the form of a separate uploaded attachment.

Your research paper should be between 7-8 content pages, not counting the title page and reference section. Your research paper must also contain a minimum of five (5) professional resources such as peer-reviewed journals or government publications. Please note that Wikipedia is not a professional resource and should not be used as a resource.

Submit your paper as an attached file (.doc file). Be sure to click on the “submit for grading” radio button in the bottom right of the assignment box.

Tip: Do not wait until the final minute to begin the research and writing phase for this final term paper as it will unquestionably show in the quality of your work. Note: Your work must be original in nature. Papers that are comprised of pages of quoted material written by other authors will not be accepted. Quotes should be used sparingly in academic work. One final reminder: All papers for this course will be screened for plagiarism.

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