Do the sitcoms we’ve watched suggest that institutional racism is a significant social problem?

Be sure to integrate and refute what you see as one significant counter-argument. Work with evidence from at least two shows we’ve watched as part of class and our course readings. Enhance your analysis by drawing the in-class readings we’ve done and your research on the library website. Integrate specific scenes and evidence from the readings we’ve done in class as well as any outside research you’ve done. Your paper should be no more than1,500 words long. Be sure to cite any material you mention using MLA 8 guidelines. After your essay include a 1-2 page self-reflection. Attach the self-reflection as a separate page. Begin with the title “Self-Reflection”; then write at least one paragraph for each of the following points: What went well in the essay draft? What one or two areas could use improvement? What you’ll change in your writing process to focus on those areas of improvement?

Quick Response

Various sitcoms are meant to tell jokes and stories to the audience on specific topics. From the sitcoms we have watched, it is clear that institutional racism is a significant social problem. This entails disparities regarding employment, housing, healthcare, criminal justice among others(Williams, 2007). For instance, criminal justice sitcoms have blacks and Hispanics and other minorities depicted in crime. Such institutional racism is considered to originate from the established as well as respected forces in the society. In other instances, the minorities are identified to earn a percentage of what the majorities earn. This aspect illustrates the significance of the situations taking place daily to the point of being featured in sitcoms and aired on television…

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