Down Fall of the Nasa Shuttle Program

The paper will be a minimum of 20 content pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font using Times-New Roman style with one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). The minimum length for the paper does not include a title page, abstract, exhibits, and reference page.

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NASA has faced a series of catastrophes as well as failures since its creation. The troubles and milestones that NASA faces have led to expenditure amounting approximately $ 209 billion dollars (in 2010 dollars). Despite the significant amount of resources used in the NASA’s Shuttle Program, minimal progress has been observed especially with the NASA officials voicing dissatisfaction with the progress of post –Apollo focuses on the shuttle as well as an international space station. According to the officials, the program has become more expensive than the anticipations were when the program began (Launius & McCurdy, 2017). In addition, a ship was lost on its way to space. Such losses and financial implications influenced the continuation of the program…

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