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nursing policies affect the nursing world explain the below 2 apa citations

  1. Consider the process of policy change from the perspective of both the bedside nurse and the advanced practice nurse. Consider your readings from this week that discuss what the healthcare workforce looks like, the role of information technology in healthcare and the role of board members and managers within the context of your current workplace environment. Choose a policy or practice within your current workplace environment (or if not actively practicing consider one that you have encountered while practicing at the bedside) that you wish to advocate for policy change. Describe your rationale for choosing this specific issue using supporting evidence as to why a change needs or should be made (make sure to support this response with evidence and your own insight as a practicing nurse)
  2. Using the Framework for Planned Policy Change (as outlined in the Anders et al., 2021article) & the Health Policy Toolkit (outlined in the Kostas-Polstonet al, 2014 article; and I also included a section on Legislative Resources in this weeks Blackboard Module that can assist with this process) describe the specific steps and/or processes (in detail) you would use to make a policy change to your chosen topic at both the local (hospital or organizational level) and also at the state or national level (note that not all the steps in the Framework or the Toolkit will apply so focus on those steps and processes that do apply to your topic).
  3. Describe how the process of this selected policy change would differ from the perspective of the bedside nurse versus that of an advanced practice nurse. Essentially this question is asking you to consider the difference in policy change engagement from the perspective of the bedside nurse compared to that of an advanced practice nurse level?
  4. Discuss barriers and reasons nurses (at least 2 barriers) fail to participate in policy change and describe how these barriers can be addressed.
  5. What are your personal thoughts about being involved in policy change whether at a local or state/national level. Have you been involved in policy change at any level? Why or why not? If so, describe your involvement. If not, describe why you may not have personally been involved in policy change up to this point. This is genuinely an opportunity