Elearning courses at night 

  1. what does your title contribute to the department/ company?
    1. Job Title: Specialist
      1. Job functions
        1. Employee engagement
        2. Training/ development 
        3. Payroll and timecard entries
        4. Success rate of the department
        5. Clerical support on Logica applications
        6. ARM web portal, Scheduler, Central Configuration
        7. Oracle BI reports


  1. Topic: Elearning courses at night 
    1.  Elearning courses for employees on straight night/ midnight shifts and/ or rotating schedules 
      1. Shifts 3p-11p; 4p-12a, 7p-7p
    2. Elearning Instructors supplied by vendors for 
      1. Asbestos
      2. First aid responder 
      3. OSHA
      4. Track training (MTA)
    3. A night yearly company schedule for Elearning courses
      1. Enrollment for classes can be at the same time department /companywide for this time frame
      2. Course can be for 2 or more days
    4. Alternative option:
      1. If no Elearning instructor is available for the classes, we can record the video on company site and have the night crews and supervisor issue the training using the TAAR system to record attendance.
  2. The importance of training and development of employees 
  3. Why is it crucial / the value of training?
  4. Cost of not providing employee training
  5. 10 benefits of employee training
  6. Disadvantages of training employees
    1. Pros/ cons
  7. How to adapt to life changes in a covid culture in a 24 hour operation
    1. back to basics importance of the job
    2. Can gear the meeting towards seasons/ needs of the department
    3. Retrain the group on safety behaviors
    4. Reinforce formal training/education
  8. impact on safety
    1. OJT’s (on job training)
    2. Close calls events
    3. Bulletins
    4. Training
    5. Positive impact 
    6. Winter shunt events 
    7. First Time Responder tools
  9. Elearning courses Benefits examples:
    1. will help avoid area with no shows for enrolled classes 
    2. will avoid employees from being out of compliance 
    3. avoid audit failures and workplace conflicts
    4. save money on change of schedules of employees who are off during the timeframe of the class schedules
    5. Most of the department/company employees are on shift Tuesdays and Wednesday which will be the best days of the weeks for these evening classes
    6. Trained employees work smarter
  10. Ombudsman report
    1. 3 main initiatives only 

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