1.Create a campaign for your company to launch, starting January 2021 till December, that will be active for 12 months. Marketing budget: SR 450,000 to spend on digital advertising media over the next 12 months. The budget also includes up to SR 340,500 for advertising creative and content development , and for the company to manage the program . a . What is your campaign message ? ( About your digital campaign message ) b . What is your digital marketing campaign schedule : recommend digital marketing content and the schedule for the content ? (Must include timeline for the content distribution, frequency of posts and ads). c . Platforms and digital media you will use to deploy your campaign: 1. Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat) Select at least 2 platforms, the student should decide what social media platform should be used; what content will be shared .

2. What is your campaign message? (about your digital campaign message) “You should have a clear messaging plan in place for your campaign. Your campaign advertising materials should contain strategic messaging that has a defined purpose and is designed to attract your target audience and prompt them to action.

#.Social media platforms ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn , Snapchat ) Select at least 2 platforms , the student should decide what social media platform should be used ; what content will be shared . For each social media platform : ■ Determine the purpose / goal Ideal time for Posting What types of content will you create and share on each channel ? ■

‎‏3.Goal and purpose(we say, for example, Twitter because customer service , and we will do so-and-so in it

‎‏ 4.Every Tuesday post a coupon

5. What is your digital marketing campaign Schedule: recommend digital marketing content and the schedule for the content? (Must include timeline for the content distribution, frequency of posts and ads).

#. Paid Advertising ■ Google ads Social media ads ( 1 platform ) ( Must include screenshots of the platforms ‘ process of creating the campaign ) .

6. Paid ads Advertisement using Google Ads and we are working on capturing ads

And an advertisement for a social media campaign, for example, Snapchat. We do not put the name of the company because it can file a case against us, so we put a different pseudonym if we put the account HB, for example.

Visualize the screen on the steps, Google ads, and any other platform

We don’t pay money, but we define the campaign points in the same platform and depict them in the campaign settings

A. Platforms and digital media you will use to deploy your campaign

#. Email Marketing ▪ In this part , you will plan and prepare an email marketing campaign . ▪ You will write an e – mail , to / for ( Select 2 ) : i . Welcoming new subscribers ii . Sales promotion ( Promotional email ) iii . Email newsletter iv . Inviting people to join your website / app V. Promote social media accounts I For each audience , students should compose an email that best targets each audience group . ■ Students should consider headline , layout , message , bullet points , call – to action , image , etc. I With each email , students should include an explanation on why each email would be most effective for each audience .

7.An email form that we send to my followers

8. Choose two emails and write the formula and how it will be sent to the customer

9. For example, why would a writer follow the first formula for teens?, why would it be effective for them And for old people

Why be effective for them?

# SEO – Search Engine Optimization Provide a list of 10-15 words or phrases that you think people would use to find your company through search engines . Note : Keyword research involves investigating your competitor’s sites , and using a number of keyword analysis tools to determine which keywords or keyword phrases are searched most by users looking to find your products or site .

11. Actually, what is the rank of my site with Google? Did the first search or the second result of a search result ? In my opinion, why should I mention the points that affected the appearance of the site?

# Review their website and identify elements that are missing or can be improved to increase the website’s marketing effectiveness

12. Type what are the words that people are looking for and find Alhatab site

13.Enter the site you chose, in my opinion, are there things missing from their site that are affected, for example, that people are long on their site or search engine optimization

#Landing page * Any other platform that might help achieve your goals , like Blogging , Mobile marketing , Influencer marketing , etc. ( Select 1 )

14. Landing page design from yourself, a landing page that matches the site you chose. New, don’t choose the one on the site

15. Explain why you need a landing page

16. Choose any marketing platform and talk about it in terms of, for example, why I will use Instagram and what is its benefit achieved in the same site that you chose (alhatab)

#Monitoring and Optimization : 1. Describe how you will measure and improve digital marketing performance during the campaign ( Metrics to track ) . 2. What tools you will use to monitor the campaign’s activity . ( Must include screenshots of the monitoring tools that will keep track of your costs and activity ) .

17. What is the matrice that you will do the tracking?

Twitter analytics

Instagram insights

18. Instagram Insight or Twitter Analytics?

#Budget Include a table of the budget allocations for each platform on a monthly basis . Try to justify your

20. We have 450 thousand, distribute 450 thousand, how exactly will this campaign cost you?