Early Childhood Development & Education


In 2020, Singapore ranked top in the Global Childhoods Report. littps://www.savethechildren.ore/contentidam/usairenonstadvocacv/ulobal-childhood-reoort-2020.odf

In contrast, local researchers have found less-than-ideal circumstances for children in Singapore:

• Teo, J. (2019, January). What’s behind the high rate of childhood myopia? The Straits Times Singapore. https://www.snec.com.siffnews/patient-carc/behind-high-rate-of-childhond-myopil

• National University Hospital (2018 June). Obesity (Children).


The UN has identified some areas for Singapore to work on in its response to the country’s fourth and fifth reports (most recent submission). Select ONE (I) issue raised by the UN as an area for improvement and discuss if you think Singapore has indeed made significant improvements.

The issue you select must be relevant to young children (birth through age 8) and their families. You should analyse and interpret Singapore’s progress in the issue by reviewing relevant local news articles, reports and other reliable sources as evidence to support your argument.

You could also include ECDA’s Early Childhood Development Centre licensing requirements and media announcements from the period of 2017 — 2019.