Follow their story
See the development of their technology
Learn how their company and innovation strategy mesh together
Gain insight into their new directions and investments in project development that build on their platform technology
You should also see evidence of an innovation ecosystem.

For this activity, complete the following:
Review the following websites. The company’s information and several short videos will provide you with the information needed to address the questions listed below. You may explore beyond these links if desired.

“Ecovative Design Awarded $9.1 Million U.S. Department of Defense Research Contract to Develop & Scale a New Generation of Living Building Materials”
Citation: (2017). Ecovative design awarded $9.1 a million U.S. Department of Defense Research contract to develop and scale a new generation of living building materials.

Ecovative Design (video)
Citation: VentureWell. (2014, September 16). Ecovative design [Video]. YouTube.

An Inside Look at Ecovative’s Production Facility | Forbes
Citation: Forbes. (2015, January 12). An inside look at ecovative’s production facility | Forbes [Video]. YouTube.

How to Grow Giant Mycelium Parts
Citation: Ecovative Design. (2018, August 17). How to grow giant mycelium parts [Video]. YouTube.

Ecovative Design: Manufactured Wood Made Without Trees
Citation: Bloomberg QuickTake Originals. (2015, April 13). Ecovative design: Manufactured wood made without trees [Video]. YouTube.

NOVA | Mushroom Material | PBS (optional)
Citation: PBS. (2013, October 17). Nova | Mushroom material | PBS [Video]. YouTube.

Eben Bayer: Are Mushrooms the New Plastic?
Citation: TED. (2010, October 4). Eben bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic? [Video]. YouTube.

This module centers on aligning a company’s innovation strategy with its overall strategy. After reviewing the above websites and videos, assess the strategic wisdom of Ecovative’s expansion into various product lines. Apply one or more concepts from the readings.
State which expansion you are assessing.
Identify Ecovative’s overall strategic positioning. That is, who do they compete against?
What is their core competency? What is the core technological capability that underlies their strategy?
How important is intellectual property protection to Ecovative?
What types of partnerships does Ecovative have with other entities in its ecosystem? What is the purpose of these partnerships?