This assignment focuses on Revenue cycle process. There is also a description of educating new hires on the revenue. So, the use of professional charts/graphs to reinforce written content is required

Revenue cycle process : educating new hires on the revenue

Paper details:

Instructions: You have recently been hired at UM Health. One of your new job functions entails educating new hires on the revenue cycle process. For this assignment, you will prepare a 4- to 5-page white paper outlining the basic steps of the revenue cycle. Must identify the various steps within the revenue cycle process, including admissions, case management, documentation, coding, billing, et cetera. Healthcare organizations should also effectively manage claim denials and develop procedures for quickly resolving claims reimbursement issues. 


For each step identified, provide details pertaining to the following: Purpose of the step identified. The individuals involved in the process (e.g., providers, transcriptionists, coders, registration clerk, etc.). The key components of the function, such as verifying insurance, financial counseling, coding of documented services provided, etc. The consequences of failure to properly conduct the function identified. Note: outside research beyond the textbook is required for this assignment. Support your research with at least ten sources. The use of professional charts/graphs to reinforce written content  required.

Detailed Instructions


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