Power Point, please follow the guidelines below the two required articles are uploaded.  please contact me with any questions.  Thanks
Topic: Environmental factors on development and/or growth on children
  • Slide 1: Title of the Presentation & Name of the Presenter
  • Slide 2: Provide a 50 word synopses of what you will be presenting
  • Slide 3: Outline/Topics
  • Slide 4: Article Review One (attached below)
  • Slide 5: Article Review Two (attached below)
  • Slide 6: Additional Article Review (A Journal of Your Choice)
  • Slide 7: Write a 50 word conclusion
  • Slide 8: References of the two article reviews, textbook, etc. (APA Format required)
  • Slide 9: Question & Answer Slide 

Speakers’ notes must be provided for each slide.