I attached my Capstone paper that we’ve worked on in class so far and a Table sample. I need assistance completing this next section. Please let me know if you need additional information.


Note: Do not start a new paper. Add it to your Capstone Part I Literature Review.

(10 points ) Open the file you started for Capstone Part I (Literature Review) and update the title page date: Capstone Project: (your title) and current date. Use your Capstone paper template to add content to correct area.

Capstone Part II Education and Evaluation Plan and then following APA 7th edition guidelines add the new sections you will be writing. You can be creative with headings, but make it easy to identify each new section. Suggested heading for this section is Teaching Plan. Suggested headings for future sections: Capstone Presentation and Evaluation of Effectiveness

  1. (35 points ) Start with 2-3 paragraphs about the purpose of the education you are planning, the intended target audience, and the setting.
    1. The purpose will be to educate nurses or nursing students (specify who) about the evidence-based practices for the problem you wrote about in your literature review in Capstone Part 1.
    2. Describe your target audience with at least 3 characteristics (anticipated ages, occupation, years of experience, readiness to learn, gender, ethnicity.). Include why you think it is important for them to know it. Your intended audience should be a group of 5-10 nurses or nursing students (ASN or BSN), NOT patients. If you are thinking of teaching co-workers, then in most cases, your presentation should be taught off-work site and during non-working hours to avoid conflict of interest.
    3. The setting should include the location where you expect to present it (classroom, conference room, personal residence, restaurant, online videotape ), whether you plan to present it to a live audience or videotape it for an online audience, what equipment will be available (computers, internet, data projector, white board, flip charts, posters board). Include how you will set up the video for the best lighting and how you plan to reduce distractions (noise, interruptions, phone calls, dog barking).
    4. End with a sentence referring reader to Appendix A: Teaching Plan; Appendix B: Educational Material; Appendix C: Evaluation Method; and Appendix D: Survey or Posttest Results. All appendices will be inserted later after the Reference List, but you should refer the reader to look at them.
  2. (35 points ) Develop a single-spaced table (see template) that includes at least 3 behavioral learning objectives, numbered/lettered outline, time per topic, at least 2 different teaching strategies, and 2 evaluation methods. Place the table in an Appendix A (after the references) and a statement should be made in the paragraph referring the reader to the Appendix A) Note: APA format specifies that appendices are after the reference list.
    1. Write at least 3 learner-centered behavioral objectives about the content in your literature review that you plan to teach to health care personnel. Example: “After the presentation, the nurses will describe two recommendations from the _______ guidelines to prevent _____Remember to include type of objective for each. Use pdf guide and develop a table to submit with the information as seen in example below.
    2. Type the outline for the content that correlates to each objective. At least two topic areas with two subtopics are recommended in the outline format (A. 1,2, B. 1,2,3 ). The content should include statistics of problem, PICOT guideline recommendations, and level of evidence and findings from both research articles, and any other information related to your content that you believe is essential for your target audience.
    3. Include the time you expect to spend on each topic (approximately 15 – 30 minutes total)
    4. Specify at least 2 teaching strategies you plan to use. Suggestions: lecture and discussion with power point or similar presentation software, videotaped presentation with trifold poster or brochure, demonstration with simulation equipment, small group discussion.
    5. List the evaluation methods you plan to use. You are required to develop a written or online quiz/survey with at least 5 items, but you should also use a second method. Suggestions: written posttest, game style oral quiz, written evaluation form with Likert scale, return demonstration competency checklist, teach-back method, expected changes in behavior.