This assignment focuses on Educational Accountability, Governance and Reform . There is also an analysis of theory of action.

Educational Accountability, Governance and Reform : theory of action analysis

Select Four questions from the list below:

Firstly, as a part of the accountability movement, the federal government has pressured states to adopt performance accountability systems.

We encounter two distinctive features involving social accountability mechanisms in the field of education: (1) There are many actors who participate in education, making it difficult to identify precisely who is responsible for key decisions, and (2) In education policy one encounters the concept of educational accountability, which refers to a series of mechanisms to hold schools and teachers accountable for educational outcomes by adopting standardized tests on a widespread basis to motivate change and steady improvement. Are the approaches of social accountability and educational accountability compatible? What are their differences and similarities? What are the effects of these differences when it comes to formulating solutions to the crisis in education?


Examine this statement through the lenses of testing, educational equity and centralized authority.  Secondly, analyze what is meant by the “theory of action” in performance-based accountability. Also, how its three key assumptions are related to educational accountability.

Theory of action analysis

Thirdly, compare and contrast the type of accountability. Then again the means of accountability evident in the three periods of accountability.

Educational Accountability, Governance and Reform : theory of action analysis

Fourthly, avaluate why the late 1970s reformism in southern states presents a puzzle to researchers of educational policy.
5) Compare and contrast the views of equity, accountability, and intergovernmental relations prior to and during the implementation of performance accountability models.

6) Three case studies related to accountability are presented for Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Compare and contrast the policy changes that were at the root of each state’s accountability movement.

Detailed Instructions


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