The assignment focuses on Effect of COVID – 19 on Biology. Also, there is a description of Cell Molecular Exploratory Essay. So, your goal is to discover in-depth information.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Biology – Cell Molecular Exploratory Essay

Assignment Outcomes and Context An exploratory essay is one that prompts you to examine or investigate an idea without trying to prove or argue your thesis. The completed essay will demonstrate proficiency in close reading, analysis of a particular issue in your field, and proper MLA documentation. You will read and synthesize two articles, one popular and one scholarly, that relate to your research topic for the term. Your goal is to discover in-depth information about your topic and express those findings to your audience in a professional manner. Writing Requirements In a 3-4 page essay (900-1200 words), you will express what you know about a particular subject and what you have learned from others who have written about the subject.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Biology – Cell Molecular Exploratory Essay

Firstly, each article should provide you with information to develop further research questions for you to look into. Secondly, since this is not an argumentative essay. Also, you will be considering different points of new but not necessarily deciding what you agree or disagree with. Additionally, for this essay first-person, academic voice is acceptable. So, a successful Exploration Essay consists of: Firstly, an introduction that bridges your audience to the subject matter at hand. Secondly, a specific, clear, and explanatory thesis statement that focuses on how the two articles approach the topic. Also, evidence from the article itself, including quotes that are properly documented. Additionally, a paragraph or two on your opinions and thoughts on the topic ● A conclusion that sums up the articles and your opinions.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Biology – Cell Molecular Exploratory Essay

Correct MLA format throughout including a works cited page ● A cohesive essay, not a list of answers to the above prompts Drafting Sequence 1. Invention (7/6): Develop your ideas and thoughts in a very informal manner 2. Draft 1 (7/7) : Beginning to organize ideas and focus on body paragraphs & assignment guidelines. 3. Draft 2 (7/9): Organize body paragraphs, including evidence. Add your intro with clear thesis, and a conclusion.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Biology – Cell Molecular Exploratory Essay

“Final” draft that meets all assignment expectations and formatting guidelines. Includes a reflective cover letter to the reader, a title and a works cited page. Resources Purdue Owl: dex.html rganizing_an_exploratory_essay.html

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