The assignment entails Effect of COVID 19 on Teenage pregnancy. More so, there is a description of Speech Writing on Community Issue. So, choose a problem, whether it’s local or in your community.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Teenage pregnancy – Speech Writing on Community Issue

1.       Select a topic for the speech where you can persuade the audience that the problem exists and that your proposed solution will solve or help to solve the problem. Choose a problem, whether it’s local or in your community, and address the problem. You must choose a specific problem in your community that can be addressed with a feasible solution proposed within the time frame of four to six minutes. For this assignment, the smaller the community, the better.  For example, many are part of the community of Nashville, but trying to solve the traffic problems we usually have is not feasible in a short speech.  The problem is just too complicated and too multi-faceted.  Think smaller. 

Effect of COVID – 19 on Teenage pregnancy – Speech Writing on Community Issue

Your family is a community, your church or other organization, your workplace, your neighborhood, etc. 

If a solution already exists for the problem, you may use it as a separate main point and explain why this current solution is not effective. Then provide your solution with a plan as to how you would implement the new solution. If others have implemented a solution similar to yours, you may use this as an example to show how this potential solution has worked for others. Your problem must be narrowed to a local or community problem; it cannot be a national or world-wide problem. Your research must include evidence that persuades the audience that the problem is a local problem and that the solution you are proposing will work locally. You may use the problem-solution organization or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence pattern.

Effect of COVID – 19 on Teenage pregnancy – Speech Writing on Community Issue

Firstly, find a minimum of 3 sources for your speech topic. Secondly, cite your sources in MLA format on your works cited page, and cite your sources during your speech using an acceptable in-text oral citation. Thirdly, develop a 4 to 6 minute speech persuading the audience about your problem and solution.Also,    Organize your presentation using the preparation outline format.  All points on your outline will be full sentences.  The preparation outline will include your works cited page.

5.     Develop a delivery outline for presenting your speech. The delivery outline will include words or phrases, not sentences; will follow the outline symbolization and format; and will be one 8.5×11” sheet of paper front only or three 4×6” notecards front only in length.  An example delivery outline is on page 250 in your textbook.

Detailed Instructions


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