The assignment describes Effect of Depression on Teenagers. Besides, there is a description of Behavior Pattern and Implications. So, xplain 3-4 possible causes of your issue.

Effect of Depression on Teenagers – Behavior Pattern and Implications

Paper details:

Introduction •Avoid generic openings (dictionary definitions of the topic, “since the dawn of time”-type generalities, “In this essay I will…” etc.) Instead, consider starting with a relevant statistic that makes the importance of your topic clear to the reader•Define and explain your issue in detail. •End your introduction with your main claim/thesis. Your thesis should identify what you see as the most significant cause of your issue. Body paragraphs •Explain 3-4 possible causes of your issue. You may structure these causes from least-to-most important, most-to-least, or in any order you find logical. •You should spend the most time explaining the cause you have identified in your introduction as the most important and make a case for your choice.

Effect of Depression on Teenagers – Behavior Pattern and Implications

Conclusion •Although our online textbook advises you to re-state your argument in the conclusion, this type of conclusion is a little unsophisticated. Instead, use your conclusion to answer the reader’s “so what” question. Why should the reader care about the causes and effects you’ve identified? What are the broader implications of this for public policy or individual behavior? In short, why does your argument matter? Topic Choice-Increasing rates of depression in teenagers. Must include this paragraph for one of the three body paragraphs: One of the many things that can lead a teen into depression are some of the small encounters that happen in a teen’s house hold.

Effect of Depression on Teenagers – Behavior Pattern and Implications

Teens tend to learn patterns of behavior. In fact, being around negative or unhealthy behavior most of the day can become part of their daily routine. For example, if your parents are always showing how much they are struggling to make ends meet or if you’re always seeing your parents fight with each other, as a young teen, you may begin to think that is normal and become a custom to thinking negatively or thinking life is harder than it really is. The simplest problems now become life changing events because of the fact of not learning how to find simple solutions to life’s many challenges. This also can cause a teen not to speak when they are in need of help because they don’t want add to their parent’s stress or be a burden.

Effect of Depression on Teenagers – Behavior Pattern and Implications

When a teen is being silent and it seems that nobody cares to figure what is wrong with them. Can cause them to bottle up the problems they have inside and keep them to their selves. Which is unhealthy for a person to do. It can make a teen feel like their problems aren’t worth listening to. or not important enough to acknowledge are even happening. These little things can cause a teen to things such as stay in their rooms all day not wanting to communicate with anyone and isolating their selves in order to not feel like they are irritating anyone with their mood.

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