During the course of this class, we will investigate a few philosophies of education and learning theories and hopefully find ones that resonate with each of us individually.  A better understanding of the philosophies of education and learning theories will help us better design our instruction as it relates to technology integration.

Philosophies of education and learning theories give us a platform to build our instruction around because they give us insight into how our students think and how to better ignite that thinking, and therefore increase the number of positive student outcomes we get.

As everyone already knows, technology integration is far more than choosing a cool gadget or program and plugging it into our instruction. It is vitally important that we know how this tool will ignite student thinking, or increase their ability to grasp and process any information we are giving them, and understanding student thinking and learning better empowers us to do so.  For this reason, one of this weeks assignments is to read the article Effective Learning Environments in Relation to Different Learning TheoriesLinks to an external site.

Once you have read the article please then respond, in no less than four paragraphs, discussing which one or even if more than one resonated with you and why.