In the beginning of Chapter 1, the author states that “effective teaching involves presenting a topic or a skill in such a way that students can understand and master it. Yet it involves many other things as well.” Some of the other components the author mentions are:

    knowing how to motivate students to want to learn
    helping students recognize what true mastery involves
    assessing student’s progress in learning and development
    creating an environment in which students can be successful

For this forum, please respond to the following questions:

1. We have all had some really great teachers/educational experiences and some not-so-great teachers/educational experiences. Think about those not-so-great first. What are some of the things that would make you say that it was a not-so-great learning experience?

2. Now, think about the really great teacher(s)/educational experiences you have had. What made those experiences so great? Did they meet some of the items listed by the author in Chapter 1?

3. Chapter 1 also lists (8) strategies to develop knowledge and skills as an educator. Choose the top 3-4 that really resonate with you and explain why.