Important Information about dissertations
References sites:
SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index) ABI/INFORM (
World Bank
Journal Articles eg: Financial Times, The Economist etc
References should only be from quality economic journals/publications
books, etc
Dissertation Structure:
} Introduction
} Discuss motivation for your study and research questions; give outline of the
} Literature review
} Theoretical arguments
} Empirical Evidence
} Hypotheses setting
} Data and Methodology
} Description of a sample
} Variables definition
} Methodology
} Analysis
} Discussion
} Conclusion
Maximum Word Count is 10,000 words excluding References and Appendix.
Please note that econometric analysis is NOT a must in BA dissertation. In fact,
many BA dissertations are qualitative or using simple statistical analysis.But it is
compulsory to have basic analysis tables or graphs in excel or from citations that are
indicative to the topic you are answering.
Even though it is a BA Dissertation the paper should include tables/social indexes to sustain
the ideas of the work.