This assignment focuses on Elements of an ergonomics program. There is also a description of Mr. Shafe’s case study.So, is there an ergonomics standard from OSHA?

Elements of an ergonomics program : Mr. Shafe’s case study


Textbook: Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics
Fourth Edition Author: R. S. Bridger / VBID: 9781498795968

Good day. So here we meet our make-believe friend who has an issue with CTS. What does that mean? How do you get it? Is there an ergonomics standard from OSHA? How do they currently inspect for that issue? All of these and more are coming at you fast and furious. See the study guide, textbook, and supplemental information. Then, follow the instructions carefully here attention to detail is huge in this course.

Sample Ergonomics Program
Therefore, this assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the Unit II Lesson regarding the elements of an ergonomics program. Specifically, you will be developing an ergonomics program.

Elements of an ergonomics program : Mr. Shafe’s case study

As a graduate of Columbia Southern University’s Safety and Emergency Services program, you have decided to pursue a career as an occupational safety and health consultant. You were recently contacted by Will B. Shafe, the human resource manager at On Call, the company that employs Ms. Handz-Hurt from the unit lesson.

According to Mr. Shafe, he is having trouble convincing the leadership at the company to address ergonomics because there is no OSHA ergonomics mandate.

Part 1:
You have agreed to assist Mr. Shafe by preparing a one-page minimum overview explaining the regulatory requirements related to ergonomics. While,  including the history of the OSHA Ergonomic Standard and the benefits of implementing an ergonomics program. So, Your summary must include references and should be written to convince management to implement a program (after all, you are a consultant and you want their business).

Your overview must include a minimum of two outside sources, one in which must be from the CSU Online Library.

Detailed Instructions


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