This assignment focuses on Emergency Management in Public Administration. There is as well a description of  Expansion of the Public Sector. So, select one that you consider to have been relatively well-managed, and one that was not well-managed.

Emergency Management in Public Administration – Expansion of the Public Sector

Please see attached for further –  management is playing an increasingly important role in public administration. Whether caused by severe weather, terrorism, or civil unrest, public administrators face the challenge of anticipating and effectively addressing problems that are, by their very nature, unexpected.  After you read Exercise 9, conduct your own research into major emergency management incidents that occurred in the United States during the last 50 years.

Also, select one that you consider to have been relatively well-managed, and one that  not well-managed. Applying concepts from Exercise 9 and your own research, explain how the emergency management incidents you selected. Were well-managed and poorly managed. Also, What did the public sector officials do right?

 Expansion of the Public Sector

What could they have done better? . . Textbook Readings Dresang: Exercise 9 Dresang, D. L. (2017). The public administration workbook (8th ed.). London, UK: Routledge. . Website: Emergency Management Research and Practice in Public Administration – Emergence, Evolution, Expansion, and Future Directions. Emergency Management has learned much from several disciplines (e.g., the physical sciences and sociology) that have been incorporated into the profession. Public Administration is extremely important in rusk Management. Also,  concerted effort should  made to incorporate Public Administration theory into the emergency management classroom.

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