The assignment focuses on Employee Corrective Action Plan. Also, there is an analysis of Case Vignette. So, write a comprehensive memo to support the termination

Employee Corrective Action Plan – Case Vignette Analysis

Description . Common Assignment 1: Case Vignette Analysis with an Agency Memo and Script for Employee Conversation (Weight: 20%) Agency Memo Students should write a comprehensive memo to support the termination of the employee noted in the case below. This response should be done in a memo form and will be submitted to the employee file. This document should summarize the incident/s, conversations in supervision, corrective action plan, investigations, and discussion with the HR Department and legal counsel. Since this is a fictitious case, students have the liberty to create specifics that highlight their process and decision to terminate.

Employee Corrective Action Plan – Case Vignette Analysis

This plan should be two to three pages. Case Vignette After 90 days since the initiation of the Corrective Action Plan, Lorraine has failed to meet the stated goals. The agency has agreed that you have sufficient evidence to terminate but this process must be fully documented and included in the employee file. You have notified the union that you will be meeting with the employee to review their Corrective Action Plan. They suspect that the employee will be terminated at this meeting.

Employee Corrective Action Plan – Case Vignette Analysis

When you notified Lorraine about the meeting she claimed that the agency is treating her unfairly because she is a person of color in her mid-50s and they “just want to get rid of her.” Lorraine is bringing her union representative to the meeting, who is also a person of color. The union representative has informed you that they will be filing a grievance for wrongful termination and possible race discrimination. Historically, the union has grieved any termination, which leads you to believe they will also grieve this termination. Script for Meeting With the Employee Students should also script out the conversation with the employee. This script should highlight the steps you have taken and your decision to terminate. This script should be no more than two pages.

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