Lavonne is 42-years-old and has always had to watch her intake and maintain an active lifestyle to stay at a healthy weight. She is 5’8” tall and until a couple of months ago, maintained a healthy weight of 160 pounds, with a BMI in the normal range of 24.3. However, a couple of months ago, Lavonne was training for her first marathon and while running, she stepped in a hole and broke her ankle. She has been unable to keep up her training regimen and is very disappointed that she can’t participate in the marathon. Lavonne has been indulging in her favorite foods to make herself feel a little better and has gained 18 pounds and her BMI is now 27.1. She’s also discovered that as she gains weight, the weight seems to be settling in her middle as her waist circumference has increased by two full inches to 34”!

Question 1: Define energy balance and explain Lavonne’s weight gain in terms of factors affecting energy intake and all areas of energy expenditure. You will need to defend your answer using specific facts, data, and other information drawn from the textbook and at least one other supplemental source.

Question 2: Analyze Lavonne’s body measures and fat distribution pattern and discuss the health implications if she continues to gain weight. Include in your response specific data, facts, examples, and key terminology.

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