For this assignment, you will complete an Ecological Footprint survey and give your reactions and analysis of your results. As well as, identify steps to reduce the size of your Footprint. Additionally, you will create an energy diet and identify energy saving tips for the areas where your energy consumption can be improved.


You may choose to complete more than one survey to compare results, and test for accuracy. Remember to be as accurate as possible with your responses.



1.    2-3 pages long, typed and double-spaced

2.    Complete the survey – Attach a copy of your results and show all relevant parts.

3.    Analyze your results – Review and provide and analysis of your results. Consider the following questions:


a)    What were your impressions of the results? Were you surprised at the size of your footprint?  Do you think that the results are accurate? Why/Why not?

b)    Which areas are you making the largest impact, and needs improvement? (food, travel, housing, goods & services)

c)    What steps and actions might you take to reduce the size of your ecological footprint?


4.    Create an Energy Diet – Identify areas from your footprint analysis where your energy consumption can be improved.


a)    List five (5) most effective ways that you can help conserve energy. Describe each method and why you choose it. Also describe why you think conserving energy in this way will help improve our quality of life and support broader sustainability goals.