You started on a policy analysis  in Unit 5. It could save you time and research if you used that same policy to get a jumpstart on the answers to  these questions:

1.What public policy solution(s) may alleviate the public policy issue?

2.What could your local, state, the federal government do?

3.What could individuals or groups do?

4.Assess the cost-benefits for either taking action or not taking action.

5.How feasible are your public policy solutions?

6.How might society react to your public policy solutions?

7.What are the ethical implications of the public policy solution?

8.How can one better frame the public policy solutions?

It may seem like a lot of work, but really, brief responses are all  you need to offer.  Just be sure to cover all  of the prompts. And, don’t forget to include a two-part APA citation reference to earn full credit.